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Interlocking Brick Making Machine is used extensively in Nepal for rural construction due to it’s number of benefits. It can be used more easily and efficiently. For construction of low cost and more structurally earthquake resistant, interlocking machines are used in Nepal. Hydraulic Interlocking brick machine are available in different types and models. Please refer to the following video and pictures for one of our machine under operation in Hemja, Pokhara since July, 2019. Please do not forget to view the customer video section in our web page to know about the hydraulic interlocking brick machine by Machine Hub Nepal.


🏘️Double मोल्ड इन्टर्लकिङ्ग इट्टा मेशिन 💚
✅प्रती दिन क्षमता: ४०० देखि ६०० इट्टा र ६०० देखि ८०० इट्टा

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✅निशुल्क Lab परिक्षण रिपोर्ट 🎉

➡️मेशिन अर्डर गर्न तथा अन्य जानकारीको लागि:📍
➡️सम्पर्क: 📞+९७७९८०१०२८११७; 📞+९७७९८०१०२८११८

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Formation of the brick:

10 % cement, soil, sand and appropriate quantity of water is put to form the brick. The water should be kept so as the mud sticks to each other when gripped on hand and should disintegrate into pieces as the thumb is slightly pressed onto it.

Note: Please notify us beforehand if you need training for house construction using the machine. We provide the training for the usage of machine and machine handling, house construction does not come along with the machine cost. It will be added extra.

Machine Details:


Machine size:

Machine Type: Manual Machine

Weight: Depends on customization

The machine is detachable, so that people can transport it with dismantling the components and assembling again on site. However it is not recommended unless the factory location to install the machine is very remote and includes trekking.

Machine Capacity:

800 bricks per day

Working Video of the machine:

Note: The machine will be provided with 1 year warranty. For major component failure, machine hub Nepal will provide service on site while for minor components change or failure, owner has to retrieve it from the store location of Machine Hub Nepal.

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