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INTERLOCKING BRICK MACHINE – इन्टर्लकिङ्ग इट्टा बनाउने मेसिन


Addressing to resilient housing reconstruction and climate change, this project projects the construction of houses using eco friendly bricks, also called as interlocking bricks which posses the earthquake resilience and is a proven and widely used technology world – wide, including Nepal. Being non – fired brick, each brick neutralizes the emission of 10 grams of carbon dioxide being produced on using the red fired bricks. Development of entrepreneurs and creation of 1000s of job opportunity, alongside efficient and economic housing construction is one of our major sectors for this project.

Interlocking brick machines are used to produce non fired interlocking bricks of different shape and sizes as per customer requirement.

For Startup business, normally single mould interlocking brick machine is preferred as per our experience and conversation with CSEB Brick Entrepreneurs across Nepal. It is cost efficient (comes within 2 lakhs) in Nepal including site delivery and training package.

Here are some of the pictures of single mould machine and machine in use by some of our clients:

To produce bricks in larger quantity than single mould interlock brick machine, double mould interlock brick machine can be installed. It produces 600 to 800 bricks per day using 5-6 workers.

The price of the machine falls under 3 lakhs including on site training and delivery across all regions in Nepal.


Semi automatic Interlocking Brick Machine:

This semi automatic machine comes under the price range of 8 to 11 lakhs depending on the model and compression capacity.